Samsung A55 and A35 UK release date, price and specs

The Samsung A55 and A35 are the newest members of the Galaxy family available for smartphone fans to get their hands on.

Featuring upgraded security features, improved durability and a more vivid viewing experience, these mid-range handsets are expected to be a hit with consumers.

“Our ambition is to bring the latest technologies to everyone,” said James Kitto, vice president and head of MX Division, Samsung UK and Ireland.

“We’re really pleased to be opening up even more possibilities on our competitively priced Galaxy A series devices, including offering Samsung Knox Vault for the first time on this line-up, meaning that users can enjoy our outstanding mobile experiences with even more confidence and security.”

When are the Samsung A55 and A35 released in the UK?

The new Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55 handsets are expected to be a popular mid-range option (Photo: Samsung)

The new Samsung A55 and A35 handsets are now available to purchase in the UK.

How much do the phones cost?

The Galaxy A55 (128GB) is retailing at £449 on the Samsung website, while the 256GB is on sale for £499.

The Galaxy A35 (128GB) is on sale for £349, while the 256GB is £399.

Samsung customers can get £50 off their purchase when they trade-in an old handset.

Find out more and purchase from the Samsung store here.

What are the phones’ specs and features?

Problems taking pictures at night? The new Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55 promises to fix that (Photo: NejauPhoto/Getty)

The Galaxy A55 has enhanced nightography, which means you can take more vibrant photographs when the lighting is poor. Its advanced AI Image Signal Processing also promises to produce “stunning low-light images never seen before on Galaxy A series”.

And when it comes to photography, both the A55 and A35 include optical image stabilisation and video digital image stabilisation, which keep photos and videos crisp when filming on the move.

Users can also exploit new editing software, such as Background Blur, Remaster and Erase Shadows, to refine your pictures.

The second biggest addition to the series is the introduction of Samsung Knox and Knox Vault, which boasts Samsung’s “most innovative flagship security features”.

A hardware-based and tamper-resistant security solution, Samsung Knox Vault claims to offer “comprehensive protection against both hardware and software attacks” by constructing a secure execution environment that is physically isolated from the system’s main processor and memory. It can help protect the most critical data on a device, including lock screen credentials, such as PIN codes, passwords and patterns.

Samsung Knox Vault also protects device encryption keys, encrypting users’ private data stored in the device. Only a user who has the correct lock screen credentials can access their data, even if the device is lost or stolen.

The A55 and A35 come in four colourways: Awesome Ice Blue, Awesome Lemon, Awesome Lilac and Awesome Navy.

Both handsets have 6.6 inch displays, with a Full HD Super AMOLED screen, and are coated with Gorilla Glass Victus+.

They share the S24’s floating three-camera design and have reinforced strength, with the A55 having a metal frame, while the A35 features a Premium Glass back.

Last but not least, the phones are supported by a 5,000mAh battery, which provides users with up to two days of battery life.