Is BeReal down today? Why the app is not working as users report glitch loading posts

Social media app BeReal is experiencing issues, with photos in people’s feeds appearing as nothing more than black squares.

More than 600 people have logged issues with online outage tracker UpDownRadar.

“Anyone else’s bereal glitching?” a person named Irene asked on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Had to make three BeReals yesterday because they wouldn’t save and now all my and my friends’ BeReals are just black screens.” Multiple people replied saying they were experiencing similar issues.

Another X user added: “Why is BeReal down now I can’t stupidly smile at my friends going about their days.”

BeReal has acknowledged the issue on the help page of its website, telling users: “We are aware of an issue where some BeReal are appearing as black posts.

“We are also aware of another issue preventing users from receiving the verification code when trying to log in.

“The team is working hard on it. We will provide an update as soon as possible.”

BeReal is a competitor to Instagram which sells itself on authenticity. Users receive a notification at a random time of the day telling them to take a photo within two minutes to show their friends what they are doing in that exact moment, with pictures then appearing in a vertical feed.

The French app was launched in 2020 and experienced a boom in usage in 2022, though its popularity has waned in 2023.

By late spring 2023 daily users had dropped to about six million, down from 15 million in October 2022.