Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a Story? Why users can’t see who has screengrabbed their posts

Social media platforms have cottoned on to the fact that short (- lived) and sweet can be appealing.

Take Instagram, for example. It saw the attraction of Snapchat’s temporary function and decided to introduce its own version.

But can someone screengrab your Instagram Story without you knowing, therefore losing that elusive quality?

Here is what we know.

Can you see if someone has screengrabbed your Instagram Story?

Stories is a very popular function on Instagram, allowing you to share something with your followers that you don’t want to remain on your timeline for ever, disappearing after 24 hours.

But what if someone screengrabs it? That changes things. However, Instagram will not notify you if your story has been screengrabbed.

Social media etiquette dictates you should ask for consent before you screenshot a Story. But the chances are the person will refuse, after all, they opted to use Stories for their very fleeting nature.

There are some exceptions. The website warns that if you try and screengrab something sent over Vanish Mode the other person will be notified.

Has this always been the case?

No, back in 2018 Instagram briefly tested a feature that enabled people to see who had taken a screengrab of their Story.

There have been no announcements regarding reinstating this and it is not clear whether they could bring it back in the future.

However, has suggested this could change.

“In the future, there is a heavy chance that Instagram might bring back the notification feature upon story screenshots,” it says.

What about other screengrabs?

The situation for notifications is different when it comes to Instagram DMs.

According to “If someone sends you a disappearing video or photo in your DMs and you screenshot it, the sender will be notified.

It adds: “However, this only applies to disappearing content in Instagram direct messages. Screenshotting a story, post or reel, will not result in any notifications.”